Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Chosen Path


This wrinting is dedicated to my family that continuously pray for my well being and success. To my children that understand their father's situation. Understanding the life situation at young age is highly appreciated. The children is my inspire to stay on the path. To friends and associate that fully understand and support.


Forty six years of life, filled with colorful and also the black and white. Effort to emerge as techno-preneur or entrepreneur doesn't sound and looks like an easy way up. Thus its a path of easy way down. Number of years in working life and business life, made myself a cool and wise person in my own description.

The circle and cycle of life seems to be fast with age. Life turmoil, economy turmoil and other turmoil faced with no looking back.

Determination, Trust, Respect,, the main elements in building the life path. The elements that create personality and the life path. Honest, Humble and Love are accessories to add colors in life and as catalyst to success.

Self motivated, different angle perspectives, no fail attitude and motto of  Not To Please Everybody and Not Living With People's Perception is the criteria that help in focus the direction that we want take. Just like a lion focusing on its prey.

Kampung Boy

In an early days of a boy from remote rural area, day to day passing by with no clear direction. No vision being set nevertheless the life planning. Amazingly that goes all the way until teenager days. Yes the ambition is spoken out but there is no meaning to that ambitions. It has just plug from the air when the teachers asked. It keep changing as time goes.

The life circle is what is cycle around. If the Kampung is about rubber tapping, nothing going far beyond. Fortunately, being the youngest, with brothers and sisters has moving slightly away from the norm of the village life. life started to evolve as the environment change. Having a father that really emphasis on education is a plus. Education was the top priority then.

No vision is set what is next after education. The mind has not being programmed as and when it should has been set. With no clear direction, what can be achieved? The mind power was under utilized. It has not perform or test to the limit.  

The future is all about what is next as accordance to the current situations, during form 3 is just about to get into form 4, Form 5 to get grade 1. No direction as too ambitious. Too short sighted direction. Probably it was a normal vision for a rural students. The life exposure, family and the environment has any how influenced. No example has been set up to be followed. We are a generation that emerges to set up new standard to be followed.

to be continued...

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Speed On North South Highway

Salam,,, semua. Lama tak merapu kat sini coz the whole malaysia is already merapu so tak merapu pun tak pa doesnt make any different.
Salam Aidilfitri yg akan menjelang tiba. Semoga yg balik kampung akan tiba dgn selamat. Bawak lah laju laju.. Asal selamat. Kat hiway tu boleh jem sebab ada yg pandu 110 ja.. Tak perlu pakar maths nak kira kalau 100 kenderaan bergerak, yg paling depan speed 110 agaknya yg belakang sekali berapa speednya? 70 / 80 km/j atau lebih teruk 50 km/j? So jgn salahkan speeding driver ya. Coz speeding driver is more alert than everybody else on the hiway.. Many will agree this, so tak payah la saman yg drive laju. Saman yg slow pulak. Contributor utk road accident yg bawak slow ni. Day dreamer.
So adios ya.. Kudos for road runner you are the saviour for less jammed hiway.


Tak paham .. tak paham.. while the country is struggling to regain not only from the Malaysian trust but also the international especially the foreign investor. Appointing Ahmad Maslan in MITI is totally insane. He is too genius for that Ministry.. This is really Isketambola or Negeri Pasir Berdengong... he is the great example of higher pointer is not parallel with IQ/EQ..ha ha
There are always two sided of a coin. One side just a brief story a history, culture etc. The other side is the value.. Combining both, tells the actual.. To be continued....ha ha ha

You gives nut you get monkey... But,,,, monkey you gives gold also they are still monkey..

n this beloved country.. If you want to be vocal..... Be a singer... Vocal Politician??? Keparit ...end up politicians become more and more silence.. In malaysian politic, we have silence voters and silence politician,, only in Malaysia

-- compilation of status post on FB--

Enough is Enough

Racism???? After half decade of independence, we are still dancing the same music. Same rhythm and will definately from same composer????
Come on la.. Malaysian are all matured. Yes slight differential is normal. Brother and sister in same family also have fractions.
Inter racial offcource perceive different professionalism.
Human is all the same irregards of skin colour in the eye of the Creator. What makes people different is their faith.
On the grass root or the ground level intereacial mix is not an issue. But offcourse with sparks of racism plays by politician, the integration is volatile.
Let urge politician to stop bringing the racism issues. Lets work on the similarities and tolerate in differences.
Every body wanted yo live in harmony. Let treat each and everyone like brothers in a big happy family.
Share the current tiny cake. As the things are going tougher and harder.
Looks beyond. As we cld not predict what is our next, moreover what is our next generation.
Dont let this racial thing confines us. Move forward. Lets be different from others. And dont affraid to be different.

Lingua Franca

Bahasa melayu as lingua franca? Few months back i was shock when mr muhyiddin embark on this move.
Since we were thought of history subject we were exposed to this lingua-franca terminology.
Why should we emphasis on lingua franca thing? When portugese or dutch wanted to invade malacca or when they invaded malacca do they ask people of malacca to speak their language?
When we are in foreign land its a preveilage for us to learn their language.
Without realising bahasa melayu already spoken by more than 1/3 of the world. Off cource not all but many of the nation has a people that can speak malay
How its happened? With extra efford of dewan bahasa? Effort of any ministry? It happened when people come here to work. Vietnamese, nepalese, bangaldeshe all speak malay.
So what else should we do? No need ma?
We must realise that our language is not as old as the mandarin or arabic. We borrow or use a lot from other languages.
Many technical term that we couldnt direct translate.
This is really my view as for me we wasted a lot of time n resources for doing something that really fruitful.

My Country -Malaysia

Malaysia is bless with numerous resources. Human capital resources, comodity etc.
Given the wrong people managing the resources is just like giving the banana to monkey. All are going banana.
With the human resources that we have with different mother tounge, with muslim speaking arabic, english is no issue, mandarin, tamil, urdhu etc you name it we have a people that can coup with that.
So malaysia is the best hub of anything, but why days by days we becoming less superior than other?
As for commodity, also you name it you got it. But why still we took years and years to excell, given vision 2020 also we are still struggling ti get there.
So think ya fellow friends.
The country really need an overhauling or worst come to worst change the engine.

The Chosen Path

Dedication This wrinting is dedicated to my family that continuously pray for my well being and success. To my children that understand t...